Bookkeeping for online shops - reducing costs through efficiency

By making electronic data (CSV, Excel, etc.) available for your bookkeeping service, the highest degree of productivity can be provided for online shops.

CSV, import, export - do these terms mean nothing to your previous accountant? You wish to reduce costs in your online shop with data interfaces?

We happily deal with large amounts of data and will create individual interfaces for your online shop. Benefit from exclusively electronic bookkeeping. Automated bookkeeping guarantees the highest degree of efficiency and therefore large cost reductions.

Preparing online shop bookkeeping is one of our many specialties. If you choose to do your own bookkeeping, provided that you have the necessary basic knowledge of the subject, you can do so on a professional interface.

Our services are subject to the tax consulting law §6 Nr. 4. Your personal information will of course be kept strictly confidential under the German Data Protection Law

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