Bookkeeping service for Munich and surrounding areas

Every Business is obligated by law to keep proper books, so this should not be neglected.

Negligence or improper handling of the books can result in unexpected additional payments, that have caused businesses that were obligated to keep accounts to go bankrupt.

The advantages of proper bookkeeping are indisputable. You can always keep track of your businesses economical status and can therefore react to unexpected changes immediately.

We take on the following bookkeeping services responsibly and thoroughly:
  • Preorgaisation of receipts
  • Account assignment of incoming and outgoing invoices
  • Registering and adding current transactions to the books in our offices or on your company's own financial accounting software
  • Preparation of the turnover tax advance return
  • Reconciliation of real accounts, debtor accounts and vendor accounts
  • Monitoring of your incoming and outgoing payments
  • Open item accounting
  • Preparation of business assessments as well as sums and balance lists
  • Handing over the bookkeeping for the financial year to your accountant

An accountant charges a lot more for these services than a bookkeeping service. In our business the tasks are completed by qualified tax consultants to give you the same quality of work in spite of the lower prices

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Bookkeeping can be done in any place at any time!

A few years ago, this was unimaginable. Nowadays, modern technology allows you to access our web interface through any kind of device (smartphone,laptop, etc.) so that you can prepare the work for your current bookkeeping. You make the receipts available for us on the web interface. The information can be uploaded as scans or even just photos of receipts taken with a smartphone. Of course you can also choose not to use these new means of communication and revert to the more traditional methods.

You will be introduced to our web interface by our bookkeeping service which will be adjusted to meet your personal requirements.

In that way, you can always keep an eye on your outstanding items or check your businesses performance with the business assessment (BWA).

Outsourcing financial bookkeeping

Every person with a business should concentrate on their key skills and outsource any time and cost consuming work. To which extent you want to handle the bookkeeping yourself, is up to you. We offer complete all round assistance with the financial bookkeeping. If desired, you can book your revenues personally on a professional web interface. Provided that you have the necessary basic knowledge of the subject. In the Munich area, our bookkeeping service offers on-site assistance.

You are starting to lose track of outstanding accounts in financial bookkeeping? Whether incoming or outgoing accounts - you should be keeping track of your outstanding claims and obligations. We will gladly take over your whole dunning system, so that you stay solvent!
You decide the severity of the debt recovery enforcement.

With the online web interface you can access and gain insight on the current status of your outstanding items.

Our services are subject to the tax consulting law §6 Nr. 4. Your personal information will of course be kept strictly confidential under the German Data Protection Law.

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